Saturday, January 29, 2011

Two more Starlings!

Thursday morning I heard some Starlings, and went out to hunt. The first Starling was close by, but when I took the first shot, the pellet hit a twig and veered off course. Amazingly, the bird only flew to the next tree, right in the open. My next shot was a perfect shot through his side! A little while later, I went out again, and found a bird in the same tree. I shot, and he fell, but the bullet only clipped his wing, and I had to chase him down and finish him off. The new results are on my list.

Besides this, we went sledding later on the same day. The hill was almost ice, and blazing fast! I took the ramp several times, and at that speed, you fly about 3 feet of the ground!! I'll put a photo Marjolaine got of me in the air on here soon!

Here are some winter birds.

What is this bird? (take a guess, don't refer to a field guide, and leave your comment)
A cute Carolina Wren at the log feeder


Whitey Lawful said...

The first picture is a Dove.

Starling man Sam said...

Well...Yes, but what kind of Dove?

Whitey Lawful said...

I do not know, that information is too technical for my knowledge.