Monday, January 10, 2011

Starling Kills List

Here is the list of the Starlings and H. Sparrows Iv'e nailed so far!

Old Airgun:  9 Starlings (2007)
Sticky Spider Glue trap: 1 Starling (2007)
Old Cage Trap: 2 Starlings (2009)
Birdhouse Trap: 11 Starlings (2009-2010)
Ordinary Birdhouse: 1 Starling (2010)
New Steel Storm: 1 House Sparrow (2010)
New Gamo Big Cat: 9 House Sparrows (2008-2010), 12 Starlings (2009-2011)

Total: 10 House Sparrows, 36 Starlings
Note: Iv'e also destroyed quite a few Starling  eggs

   P.S. Macroeconomic Crackdown!
This week I'll probably be taking the Macro test, so be praying for me
Usually, you can find more on what we did as a family during the week on Mazzou's Mellifluous Memories


Whitey Lawful said...

If you kill it--you got to eat it.

Starling man Sam said...

Make sure you read the "Intro to Starling Hunting".
If this bird was edible, I,d eat it, but right now it's a matter of how destructive they are. We kill flies and bugs all the time. Why? Because they bother us. Starlings cause a heap more trouble. I don't plan on making bugs a main course in the future!