Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'm a Junior!

This past Thursday, I took the Principles of Marketing Clep test, and passed with a score of 63! Since I now have 60 college credits, I'm half way through my degree, making me a college Junior! =D
Now onto French, a 6-12 credit test! (if you get a higher score, you get 12 credits)

BTW, I should have the Pal group  post out here in a few minutes...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Great Little Video!

Although I'm not a huge fan of Star Wars, the way this 3 yr. old portrays it is amazing!
It really could have been any description, it's the character telling it that makes it great! :)

I didn't get any Pal group photos at the ball like I said I would, although I did add a lot to the Pal list! I'll have a post on that hopefully soon. I'm busy studying Principles of Marketing at the moment and there's a lot else going on, but I know you're all anxious to find out what the Pal group actually is! ;)

BTW, I accidentally put a poll out with the deadline for Jan. 2011, but fixed it to 2012 now!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Test passed, and got some bad birds.

I went to test today, for the Human Resource Management test, and passed with a score of 52, a little low, but at least a pass! Now on to Principles of Marketing.

Lately I have finally been able to shoot Starlings, though I am still waiting to get the scope mounts. (It's pretty difficult to sight down just the barrel to get an accurate shot since it doesn't have sights on it).
On the 1st, I got 2 Starlings in the morning, both wing shots. The first one I shot at twice, at a really close range after it fell, but somehow missed! I had to chase him down and corner him in a bush. The second was even harder to get: He fell on one side of a fence, then ran through to my side. I tried to aim for him, but he quickly went for some brushy grass. I chased after him, trying to keep him in the open, but soon lost track of where he went. After a while I went for a garden rake, and started to sift through the grass. Finally, he jumped out, but I'd left my gun behind, so I tried to get him with the rake. I missed, and he went back through the fence! Running along side, using the rake like a plunger, I finally got him, right before he reached another clump of brush. Triumphant again! :)
 The same day, I set mousetraps in a bush where there were a lot of House Sparrows, and caught a female in one the following morning.

BTW, in Canada I saw a female Hooded Merganser at Niagara Falls, and added it to my life list.