Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Conference, 2011

    I know I'm late in putting this post out, but I was busy with the Principles of Management CLEP, and Principles of Supervision Dantes tests.

    This Conference was certainly a fun one, with lots of good speakers and homeschooling families! Sadly I wasn't able to get as many photos as usual, or as I hoped to, maybe I'll do better next yr.! Here are some of my photos from the event. (Some of these you may have seen on my sister's blog).

My little sister, Elodie, Amy A., Meg H., Mrs. H., ?, & Tessa W. stripping armbands.

Elodie & Tessa, Matching up maps.
                    The escalator! It's where you can see all your friends, in a compact view!

Whittingtons and Tornatores

At the top. Note Nathan M., on escalator,
 trying to look natural among his family with a stack of new books...

The guilt of his deed is getting the better of him, as he peers over his shoulder. 
Darcie & Leah are suspicious!


Down to the left, (and above this photo) we see that Nathan has decided to return the books to their rightful owner. The righteousness of his decision brings a smile to his face! :)

The Dischers

Nick Burns, one of the filmers for the conference, behind another industrious character

Example of bad ethics on an escalator!

Example of Innovation on an escalator!

Example of, well, loneliness on an escalator.

My sisters and some friends, talking

Vendor Hall

My sister at our booth, Civil War...and More!

A Dwyer session.
Variety is what homeschool conferences are about!

Dwyer himself

Headless boys (left) are a common sight... (zzzzzz!)

My sister, Jessie's notes

                    My sisters, Elodie and Jessie, and Leah & Amelia M. The latter is trying to pretend she doesn't see the camera...

Row of faces

Amelia wishes I would stop ;)
                                            The rest of these are taken by my sister, Marjo

A scene to spark the imagination! :) Note the mischeivous head, peeking above the stroller!

Me and Matthew T. Check out the guy who's armed to the teeth, behind us!

Me and my brother, Alexandre (center) at a Potter session

Burns and Belleys: Sara, Elodie, Nikola, Jessie, Peter, and myself.