Monday, June 20, 2011

Other Mixed Subjects

The Outdoors in May is (or should I say was!) an amazing place to be! I love the diversity of wildlife it brings!
A young mourning dove, about to take flight.

Peeking Blue Jay

WANTED (for bird assassinations)

These are photos from an area behind our place that's great for birdwatching! (and bug watching!)

A Wooly Bear Bee Fly, not a bee! Those huge compound eyes give him away. The mimicry is for protection from predators.
 After I finish my current drawing project, Rena (near completion), I think I'll do one of these two. This is actually a friend of Rena's, Mary-anne. Just a great little ten-year-old! (I took these photos after my sisters graduation). I'll probably go for the top one since it looks more natural. Tell me if you think otherwise.
Today just so happens to be the setup day for the CHEF conference! I am going to be helping to setup our booth and others. Wer'e planning on leaving at 9:15, so I gotta get crackin'! Here is a general sample of last years photos.

One of my favorites from last yr.

Up the escalator, by Mazzou

Great Snakes!

I usually can't resist catching snakes when the opportunity arises, especially the large ones, like this Rat snake! They are usually more challenging to get around and catch than smaller snakes. One advantage in going for the big guys is that they rarely use their musk glands for defence once they attain near full-size.
This rat snake put up a good fight, but I finally managed to catch him. (No he's not dead, I would never kill a good snake like this one!)

 These two photos are of a bigger Rat snake from last yr. He was almost as tall as me then, and when I found him again this year, he was taller than me! (these 2 photos by Mazzou sorry, didn't get photos of him this yr.)

Here's a vicious Black Racer I caught not far from where I found the smaller Rat snake. Sadly, being a small specimen, he didn't hesitate to make use of his musk glands!:(

Insisted on keeping his mouth open for the pictures!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It seems I've written a few like this before!
Yes, right now I am VERY busy, and have only been able to shoot one House Sparrow lately, with the Steelstorm.
A little while back, I added the Hooded Warbler to my life list. I will try to put up a picture of it (a first spring female) as soon as possible.
As I mentioned in another post, I took my sisters senior photos awhile back, and she now has a post out with them (along with a goofy picture of the photographer himself).
Otherwise, I am mostly working and studying.

These photos are by "Mazzou"
Me working (on the neighbor's lawn)

Me, riding home from working at the Larimore Plantation