Monday, June 20, 2011

Other Mixed Subjects

The Outdoors in May is (or should I say was!) an amazing place to be! I love the diversity of wildlife it brings!
A young mourning dove, about to take flight.

Peeking Blue Jay

WANTED (for bird assassinations)

These are photos from an area behind our place that's great for birdwatching! (and bug watching!)

A Wooly Bear Bee Fly, not a bee! Those huge compound eyes give him away. The mimicry is for protection from predators.
 After I finish my current drawing project, Rena (near completion), I think I'll do one of these two. This is actually a friend of Rena's, Mary-anne. Just a great little ten-year-old! (I took these photos after my sisters graduation). I'll probably go for the top one since it looks more natural. Tell me if you think otherwise.
Today just so happens to be the setup day for the CHEF conference! I am going to be helping to setup our booth and others. Wer'e planning on leaving at 9:15, so I gotta get crackin'! Here is a general sample of last years photos.

One of my favorites from last yr.

Up the escalator, by Mazzou


Michael said...

Good luck on picture. Its the perfect picture to draw. I wish I could take photos like that. Then I wouldn't have to use other peoples pictures.

I really enjoyed the conference this year. I learned a lot about the civil war.

Anonymous said...

The conference was great. Do you know were I can find pictures of this year's conference.

Starling man Sam said...

Marjo and I should be getting some on our blogs as soon as we get them loaded to the computer. Pics by Breanna is going to have some soon too.