Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inspiration from a new source!

Today, (Saturday), after we went Ice Skating (we have a family pass for a place near us), we stopped at the library to pick up books. While waiting in the car, I counted about 100 Starlings in some trees close by, and while I watched them, exasperated, there was suddenly a disturbance, and the entire flock took off. Then I saw the cause. A female or immature Sharp-shinned Hawk had crashed their party! It managed to corner one of the birds, chasing it back the way it came, and as the Starling dived for the safety of a nearby stack of chairs, his pursuer quickly closed the gap, and struck. I was pounding my fist and cheering the hawk on all the way! (In the car. I would know not to do it out there, since hawks can be touchy). After two attempts at lifting its prize, the Sharpie gave up, and began the traditional plucking process so characteristic of its species. While I find it great to get 2 birds in one day, here's a creature that could eat more than that, and does it to keep alive! Let's all take inspiration from this guy's lesson! Here is a link to some amazing photos of how Starlings evade hawks!


Michael said...

Thanks for all of the info on starlings, I'm starting to see them everywhere now. I'll let let you know if I get an air gun and kill some.

Starling man Sam said...

Since your'e more in the country now, shooting Starlings would be a perfect new hobby!