Monday, January 24, 2011

Macro results: Success!

Thanks to any one who prayed for me. Although I wasn't able to take this test on Friday as I had hoped, at least I was able to pass this relatively difficult one today with a score of 56! I'm almost one fourth of the way through my bachelors in General Management now!

Almost 1/4th of the way up this steep cliff, my degree! [photo by Mazzou (Marjolaine)]
 On Saturday we went sledding (the simple name does not do justice to the unpredictable hill) at Sioux Passage Park. Great fun. To see more, go to Mazzou's blog.

Not many Starlings right now, but they are coming back. Come all you want, I'll be ready, armed to the teeth! (emphasis with a Hans Zimmer triumphant tune!)

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