Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bitter Cold Hunting

This past Thursday at about 9 a.m., I saw a Starling land on a bird feeder out front, and fly off again. Soon, I was out there, in the cold, and spotted one singing in a tree about 20 yrds. away. I took a shot with my recently sighted Gamo, but just missed. After calling a few times, I heard another, out of range. Althuogh they are usually wary, I hadn't been shooting for a while, and consequently, was able to get pretty close. Leaning on a tree, I had him in the crosshairs about the same distance as the first try. After I shot, he starteed fying, but then went into a curve, and crashed about two houses down, and didn't move. I rejoiced! I began searching for H. Sparrowa , but only found E.T. Sparrows, then heard some more Starling calls. This time, two had landed in the tree I had been shooting from! I was able to creep close to these too, and was nearly under them when I took my shot. The hit bird took a quick curve, and smashed down about 20 yrds. away, while the other flew off. After retreiving my bird, I saw a Cooper's Hawk sitting in a tree a bove our house, watching for birds at the feeders. I thought I'd just offer him an easy meal, but when I tossed the dead Starling on the roof, the Hawk took it offencively, and flew to a "safer" perch, and while a few of my sisters looked on, I went for a ladder!
After retrieving my bird from the roof!

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