Thursday, December 23, 2010

Starlings as year-round hunting skills sharpeners!

While reading up about the causes of the extinction of Passenger Pigeons, one of the causes stated, was that they provided a challenging target, flying up to 60 mph. How about we turn this type of challenge into a better purpose with Starlings! They can fly at speeds of about 55 mph, and often travel in immense flocks, like the Pigeons used to. Hunters who might hunt Mourning Doves in their season should tatally try the challenge of the Starling, available year-round, as a great way to hone in their shotgun skills!

This photo, by wikipedia, is of a mass flock in England. They can get this big....and bigger, in th U.S. too!
As a quick side track, people from other countries could most prabably also participate in Starling Hunting, seeing the birds a pest most everywhere it appears!!

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