Friday, December 3, 2010

What I use: Weapons

 Among the many different options of weapons for Starling control, the air rifle is a must! I now have a Gamo Bigcat 1200. This company, Gamo, is my favorite as they really seem committed to their cause. For example, they test every batch of airgun pellets produced by firing a random selection about 20-30 yds. away. If the grouping is outside of  a 1 3/4 clump, the whole batch is remelted. Also find how they put air rifles to the test and see some amazing airgun hunts at Gamo USA. Its hard to beleive how a .177 cal. pellet can  take down a wild boar in a single shot! 


Here are my weapons!
              You can see that the Gamo has no sights. Try to get one that does, like the Gamo Whisper etc.
Gamo Big Cat fitted with Burris 3-7 X 50 air rifle scope. (Big Cat uses 177. cal. pellets, and shoots at 1000 fps. with ordinary pellets, and 1200 with PBA pellets, which are exclusive from Gamo)

View through the scope

Crossman Pellets: Although Crossman is a good make, I have noticed less accuracy. Go with Gamo!

Umarex Steel Storm 420, uses 177. caliber BB's, shooting them at 430 fps.

The Steel Storm has a 30 round magazine (shown), and a 300 round resevoir! 

Standard sights on the Steel Storm
    I also sometimes use a slingshot, shown under the Steel Storm in the big photo, but I don't get to use it often, because of the others weapons superior power and accuracy. I use approximately marble sized rocks.


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