Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I use: Traps

Enyone can use traps to eradicate Starlings. I am currently using 3 types: a nestbox type (my own adaptation from a squirrel box trap), strategic use of mouse traps, primarily for House Sparrows, and a new invention, the "Electric Birdbath"!. Ordinary nest boxes can also serve as "traps", if stalked up on at night. I used to use a cage trap which was operated by a string from under the feeder to the vent hole in my window. This was quite effective, as you can catch as many birds as enter the cage!

Nest box type trap (for complete instructions, post or e-mail me)

Bottom door to remove birds (I put a plastic bag around the opening, so the bird won,t escape)
Front view: door runners to keep it in line & stopper underneath (box trap)

Place mouse traps in strategical spots where only H. Sparrows go, like under a car in your drive way (shown)...

...or on the side of the hous, if you havn't noticed other birdsd come this close.

"The Electric Birdbath" (the bird sits on the ring, drinks out of the bowl, I plug it in, and, Bang!, no more bad bird! (not tried out yet, not right season. Don,t ever leave this one plugged in!!)

Sneak up to a birdhouse like this American Festral box at night, to catch Starlings by surprise!

Use this simple sharpened nail to kill unwanted birds, if you don't have an airsoft or BB gun.

Give a quick jab in the circled are, where the lungs are situated. (birds live suffer lomger without their heads than without their lungs!) 


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