Saturday, February 12, 2011

Micro Test

I just squeezed by Microeconomics in two weeks on Tuesday with a CLEP score of 52, though my practice scores were average 62% (% is different than score). Now I'm moving on to Natural Sciences and Statistics. Since I'm now 1/4th of the way through my degree, you could say I am now a sophomore!

I said I would show the photos of me flying over the ramp I made. Here they are. [All these are obviously not taken by myself, but by my sister, Marjo ("Mazzou").]

One of my highest jumps! I didn't stay in the sled when I came down on this try.

One of the first tries, ramp needed packing

I outlined the ramp on this photo (a cropped version of the first here)

Took out most of the bump on this one!
Tomorrow (Sat.) is the CHEF Paintball with Bushwackers! Maybe I'll get some photos for you of that too.

 I should mention to all of you who were planning on entering the CHEF Art Festival / Photo Contest, you need to send in your registration forms, available on the CHEF website [ (see calendar events, March (says 2010) ], to us by this coming Thursday!

Starlings are very wary right now!! It takes stealth to get them, so I put up this wooden fence blind. It seems like it will work very well, when there are Starlings in that area.



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