Thursday, February 17, 2011


This Paintball was better weatherwise than last year because, instead of mud, we had some slushy snow, and getting wet is better than being caked in mud. Our team, the white team, won about 5 out of 6 team games. Although we had fewer people than last year, it wasn't too bad, and it didn't affect the "fun level" too much! I wish I could have had a camera with, but maybe next year.

The Starlings are certainly returning in numbers, but the new birds seem just about as wary as the ones who have been here all winter, so it is getting a little aggravating with no birds coming within range.We'll see what happens. Maybe I'll be able to finally get one tomorrow.

Here are some photos of the ice storm we had before the warmer weather set in. The ice on the trees was completely amazing!

Early morning shot

The phone lines were covered with these mini icicles

At sunset. What an astounding view! God's Creation bursting forth praise and a little glimpse to His unfathomable glory!

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