Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The 2012 Art & Photo Contest

                                                        My art entries from last year

Cooper's Hawk

German Girl

I should have mentioned this sooner, but the 2012 Art Contest is coming up, and the 1st, lower price deadline, is tomorrow! The 2nd deadline is the 19th.

An entry of mine from 2010

My photo entries from last year: Whitetail Dragonfly, and Southern Leopard Frog
               Sorry I don't have other photos of the Art Contest, I might be able to find some to put up soon!


Leah Mays said...

Awesome... ^_^

Anonymous said...

I can't wait! We should be able to make it unless something comes up.

Britt said...

Wow!! you are very talented!! I really like your drawing of the hawk- that is really good!! And the dragonfly photo is really captivating!! Great job on all of them!!

Starling man Sam said...

Great David! Looking foreward to seeing you guys!

Thanks Britt! I also entered a frog photo, and my first portrait. Hm..I may as well add them to the post...Done. I still have to pick photos for this yr., and finish a drawing (2nd portrait!). They should be up here after the Art contest.

Kate W said...

I hope I'm able to visit the art festival this year! It sounds like y'all have so much fun! And I'm sure it's very inspiring, to see everyone's artwork & photos!

It was good seeing you & your family at ice skating last night! I'm so glad that our families are friends! :)

I saw you talking to Bai last night... Did she end up joining the Pal Club? :) Have you been able to talk to Lilli yet?

Be blessed! We hope to see you again soon!

Starling man Sam said...

Hope you are able to be there!

Yes, I did talk with Bai, but she was more intent on mastering the art of skating! :) She didn't give me a definate answer, so I guess I'll get her when she's ready. I didn't have the Pal notebook with me at the moment either.

No, I didn't get to talk with Lilli, and I didn't get to add Quenton either.

Kate W said...

Ahh... Yes. Well, she'd only skated twice before (?), about a year ago, so she needed to practice a lot... She seemed to finally be doing better towards the end of the evening though...

I mentioned the Pal Club to her & Lil, so we'll see what they say next time you talk to them... :) I hope Quenton joins too! :)