Monday, January 30, 2012

French Clep Test Passed!!

I went in to take the French Clep today, a 6-12 credit test (50-58 is 6, 59-80 is 12), and got a score of 68!! A full 12 college credits, giving me a good boost into my Junior year!

Had a fantastic time skating on the 28th, at the CHEF Ice Skating, talking with many rarely seen friends.

Hope to get a full post up soon, we'll see how that works out...

For now, I'm working on finishing my Art Fest. picture, and choosing my photos!


Leah Mays said...

Well done My good Chap, see I've been telling and telling you that you were pretty smart, for a BOY anyways.
Ice Skating was a blast, although I have been a tad bit sore. :P
And I have awarded you over at my blog. Check it out. Good luck on your art. Chapess.

Kate W said...

CONGRATULATIONS Sam! That's AWESOME! I'm glad you passed! And with such flying colors too! :)

We had fun at ice skating too! It was GOOD seeing y'all! We hope to see y'all again soon! :)

Marjo said you were studying French, but I didn't know it was for College Plus...

What are you studying next?

Starling man Sam said...

Thanks Leah! (I'll overlook the comment about boys! ;) ) Yeah,'s the knee? Not too black & blue I hope? :)
Thanks for the award!
Thanks Kate! Yes, it was a free elective in my degree. My next topic will be Info. Systems And Computer Applications.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! How many college credits do you have? I posted the pictures of the starlings I told you about at

Starling man Sam said...

72 now! 48 to go before I finish my degree.
OK, I'll check them out!