Saturday, May 14, 2011

Recent Birds: Photos

Here are the birds that I have recently been writing about.

American White Pelicans at Columbia Bottoms Conservation Area

American Coots at C. Bottoms

Panorama of American Coot flock, C. Bottoms

The Ducks that visited our pond. Left are 3 Blue-winged teals (Female behind plant on far left), to the right is the pair of Mallards, and the 3rd male Teal behind them.

Mrs. Mallard in flight!

The female Teal, a little better view

The Little Blue heron, another visitor.

The Green Heron also a pond visitor, along with...

this Solitary Sandpiper (there are 2 this yr.)

These Canada geese visited the field in front of us a few months ago, but they can represent the lone goose that is usually found there right now.
The friendly pair

 Why the grin? Do I look THAT funny to you?

Looking off into the distance: I love this ridiculously dramatic pose!
 BTW I did pass the Nat. Sciences CLEP, though it was a low score of 53. No matter, that tells me I saved time!

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