Saturday, May 7, 2011

Random Starling facts!

- Starling nesting season is from around April through Early August.
- Have 4-6, rarely 7 eggs at a time, 2 broods a yr.
- Incubation is 11-13 days, by both Male and Female.
- Young are dull brown, look very different from adults.
- Bill is yellow in spring, turns brown in Summer.
- Bill stronger for opening than closing, useful for prying open nuts (winter survival), finding insects in turf.
- Nests any where from 2-60 ft. above ground, in cavity, but typically 10-25 ft.
- Cannot fit through a hole less than 1 1/2" in diameter.
- BB pellets have been to bounce of Starlings, in weaker BB models.
- Can learn to talk, in same family as Mynas. (Crested Myna = only species in US).
- I found one man who eats the Starlings he shoots, but I would not recommend it! (Very dirty birds!).
- Fast flyers, at about 60 mph. (can't remember exact #, I may change it).

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