Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Update: 2 new good birds, and five bad!

Since my last post, I have shot 3 Starlings, and another House Sparrow with the Steelstorm! All three Starlings were taken at the woodpeckers hole: all I had to do was creep up to the trunk, keeping it between me and them, then slowly swing around, so I was right under them! I also added an additional Starling, my second attempt at the decoy idea, but an animal got him last Sat. night. Besides the House Sparrow taken with the Steelstorm, I also shot another, but it flew off, so I'm not sure whether it died or not.

As to good birds, several have visited our pond, including a pair of Mallards (Which could be the same as a pair we had last yr.) and 2 drakes, a pair of Solitary Sandpipers, a Little Blue Heron, a Green heron and, 4 Blue-winged Teals! The last species is new, so I added them to my life list. The other new species we saw at Columbia Bottoms Conservation Area, in the form of a huge flock of American Coots, swimming in 2 "ponds" (overflow from the Mississippi/Missouri rivers). Other birds we saw while there include a flock of about 40 American White Pelicans and a probable Gnatcatcher and pair of Common Mergansers. (BTW, the teals are still around, usually with the pair of Mallards)

These are the Mallards that lived at our pond last yr.

They had 13 eggs, but sadly, all of them were eaten by a fox and/or raccoon
 Right now, I am furiously studying Natural Sciences, so please pray for my success.

What is this bird?

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