Friday, April 15, 2011

A Live Starling Decoy

This past week, I finally caught a Starling in my trap. I had been waiting for this opportunity, so that I could use the bird as a decoy. The first day passed well. I kept him in a chicken wire cage, and fed him worms and grubs, and Alexandre nicknamed him Oscar, but during the second night of having him, an animal knocked the cage down, and somehow killed the poor guy inside. He did attract one Starling, which was wondering what in the world the guy was doing behind chicken wire, but I didn't get a shot at him. Maybe the next captive will work out better.
The Starlings I've gotten this week (including Oscar) amount to 4. Their added to the kills list.

Hey! No one has guessed what this bird is yet!
What am I?


Kaylie Mae said...

Perhaps some type of flycatcher, or warbler?

Starling man Sam said...

Think a little bigger, closer to Robin sized. The position he's in makes it trickier to tell what he is.

Anonymous said...

A mockingbird!


You know, it's rather hard to tell, I can't see the tail, the feather pattern, etc.... :P

So.... judging from WHAT I can see, I am guessing a mockingbird.


Starling man Sam said...

YES! You got it. I knew it was a pretty tricky one, which is why I put it up! Thanks for guessing!