Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More on the Art Festival


All photos, except Swallow (the original) are by "Mazzou" (Mazzou's Mellifluous Memories).

Here are the photo entries and last year's pictures for the Art Festival. This years festival will held this coming Tuesday, at the Larimore Plantation. Peter and I are usually the "bar tenders" (pardon), as seen above, and this year I'll also be playing some accordion with my older sister and Peter's, Nikola and Sara, respectively.
Below are my  two art entries from last year, "Barred Owl" (pencil, 3rd place) and "Turtosaurus" (colored pencil, 1st place and Peoples Choice).

Photo for 2009, "Damselfly"
2nd photo for 2009, "Greener on the Other Side" (2nd place)
Last years 1st entry, "Bank Swallow" (People's Choice)

Last years photo 2nd entry "Whitetail Dragonfly" (2nd place)
As far as Starlings go, I haven't been getting enough time to pursue them, although I did recently shoot one, and also caught one in the birdhouse trap, but he escaped.

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