Saturday, November 27, 2010

Look-alikes of the House Sparrow

These little guys are also natives of Europe, but just by looking at their innocent expressions, you can tell they never do much damage, and they're also protected. One way to tell the Eurasian Tree Sparrow from the male H. Sparrow is its smaller size (H. Sparrow = 5 1/4", E.T. Sparrow = 5"). Both the House Finch female and the E.Tree Sparrow are slimmer than the House Sparrow, except in desert regions, where it has adapted more efficiently to a slimmer size. Other diferences are marked under the photos.

Typical slim adult Eurasian Tree Sparrow: note brown cap, black cheek spot, absence of wide wing bar.
  Here's a plump-looking specimen, fluffed up 'cause of the colder weather: note finer bill, absence of black bib, but black mask like H. Sparrow male. Same abcense of wing bars as above photo
                          Illustrating the obvious innocence of these little ones: not cute expression! 
Adult female House Finch: Though the bill is the same size as female H. Sparrows, note belly streaks and lack of eye stripe

               Both male and female House Sparrows: note females faint wing bars like female H. Sparrows

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